F Company, 21st Virginia
Uniform and Equipage

Approved Uniform

This is the approved vendor list of F Company. It must be used in conjunction with the drawings and information in your soldiers handbook. We feel the sources contained within are the best choices for an accurate portrayal of a typical Army of Northern Virginia (A.N.V.) soldier. Please use only the sources on this list. Purchasing outside of this booklet could result in a bad purchase, as there are many makers of Civil War living history paraphernalia; however, there are many that do not meet our standards of authenticity.

New vendors are occasionally found and will be added to this list via the newsletter. We recommend writing for a price list/catalogue from most vendors. The makers of the various items here are generally kept busy by the constant demands for historically accurate goods; this may cause you to have to wait for your order. Please do not be tempted to purchase something of lesser quality simply because you can get it faster. You will receive your goods, and you will be glad that you waited for the "right stuff." If there are any questions concerning any of the vendors, or if you feel that someone's goods should be listed here, please contact the Chairman, Uniform Committee. We truly hope this source list will aid you in building and maintaining your impression. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation!

Items should be ordered in the sequence they are shown here.


  1. Shoes/Brogans
    Members may wear Federal pattern brogans.
    Order Jefferson brogans, either style JB-1 or JB-2.
    Also, order the following:
    1 pair of heel rims (HR-1 or HR-2
    1 can of shoe grease for waterproofing
    2 extra pairs of laces
    Approved Vendors
    1. Missouri Boot and ShoeRobert Serio, owner - Good quality product at a reasonable price.
    Delivery Time allow for up to 3 months.
  2. Shell Jacket, Trousers
    The standard F Company jacket is one of blue/gray uniform cloth in the Richmond Depot Type II pattern. Richmond Depot Trouser pattern is also approved. (Note: Jackets and trousers have to be made of the same cloth (blue/gray uniform cloth) and are required uniform items! You may order jean trousers for field use only after you purchase the blue/gray ones.
    Buttons: use only brass; Virginia State Seal or Script I. Buttons are purchased separate from the uniform and should be provided at the time you order your jacket. (Check with the F Company Quartermaster Clerk for button availability.)
    Approved Vendor
    Currently None
  3. Shirts, Drawers, Braces, Socks, Buttons
    There are several styles of shirts to choose from. Shirts may be with or without pockets, fitted shoulder shirts resembling that of a 20th century type and loose-fitted garments that appear 18th century in design. Shirts are of cotton and are plaid, checked, striped or plain osnaburg. Wool overshirts are nice to have in cooler weather and were known to be an issue item. Drawers are made up of either osnaburg or Canton flannel, the flannel for cooler weather. Socks can be 100% wool or 100% cotton. No ragg wool, Woolrich or modern wool hunting socks.
    Approved Vendors
    1.Chris Graham - Braces(Suspenders)
    2.F Company Quartermaster Clerk - Socks and buttons. 100% Cotton socks copied from originals, Virginia State Seal buttons and Script I buttons; call the Quartermaster Clerk. The company receives a discount for buying in bulk.
    Contact each person first for each of his or her individual items.
  4. Weapons/Bayonets
    There are a host of Civil War weapons available. A rifled musket is the best choice. Of the rifled versions, an Euroarms P1853 Enfield or a M1861 Springfield would be two of the most common. The Enfield saw extensive service in the Southern ranks and is our preferred weapon. It is also acceptable to purchase the 1862 model Richmond rifle with matching Springfield bayonet (although this rifle is not acceptable for militia events - 1858-1860.)
    The majority of reproduction muskets are available through several different sutlers at events. It is best to take someone with you when ready to purchase one. All muskets and rifled muskets must have three-banded barrels and a bayonet to accompany it.
    Get a bayonet at an event or (even better) an original from a gun or relic show. Before you purchase an original bayonet, make sure it fits your musket barrel. Do not buy any bayonets from Bob Moates Gun Shop in Richmond without fitting it to the musket first. Make sure that you purchase an Enfield bayonet for your Enfield musket and a Springfield bayonet for your 1862 Richmond rifle.
    Other notes on weapons: swords and pistols will be carried by officers only. Sheath knives are not to be carried. If you need a knife, carry a pocketknife. Appendages for the musket are obtainable from most sutlers that sell the muskets or can be purchased at Civil War shows. Appendages include: worm, nipple wrench, and nipple pick.
    Approved Vendors
    1.C & D Jarnagin & Company - Recommend purchase of bayonets with muskets.
    2.Civil War Shows - Excellent source of original and reproduction bayonets and appendages.
    3. Bob Moates Gun Shop
    4. Various Online Sellers – Be specific on what you order.
  5. Accouterments
    Cartridge Boxes, Cap Boxes, Waist Belts, Cartridge Box Slings, & Bayonet Scabbards
    Members may use Confederate or Federal accouterments. A new member (buying for the first time) should purchase all leather accouterments, as they will cover all periods and theaters of the war. All accouterments should represent a type that would have been found in the A.N.V. Waist belt plates are generally to be Georgia Frame, forked tongue, or roller buckles in several different styles. Accouterments are to be black in color. Many conversations and arguments have arisen over the russet leather issue. The evidence seems to be in favor of black, and many of those original black accouterments have lost their color and now appear brown. In other words, we are unsure of the use of russet accouterments; however, we definitely know they had black.
    Below you will find the sources for accouterments. Beside each name is what they make. Some of these vendors do not make everything and are listed for the one or two items they produce.
    Approved Vendors
    ***Contact Company Quartermaster Clerk before purchasing ***
    1. F Company Quartermaster Clerk - F Company has purchased leather accouterments from various approved vendors and has these items for sale. This provides for a better price and delivery time. The company passes along the lower price to the membership. This is our preferred source.
    2.Phil Cavanaugh- Excellent source for CS waist belts, cartridge box sling, and rifle-musket sling. (Please remember to send waist belt size and order standard cartridge box strap when ordering)
    3.Period Leather Company - Source for CS cap pouch. That is the only item approved from this firm at this time for our use!
    4.Art Brass- Belt plates
  6. Canteens
    Confederate tin canteens are the preferred choice. Also a Federal model (bulls-eye or smooth side) typically with a gray or brown jean cloth cover would be an acceptable choice. Confederates were also issued captured canteens. Wooden drum canteens may be purchased from Rapidan Canteen.
    Approved Vendors
    ***Contact Company Quartermaster Clerk before purchasing***
    1. F Company Quartermaster Clerk - The Company is purchasing canteens from various vendors and buys in a large quantity and passes along the lower price to the membership.
    2. Tinware Canteens- Axel Ulrich
    3. Wooden Canteens- S&S Sutlers.
  7. Haversacks, Shelter Halves
    Members should have a Federal or Confederate model of black painted cotton (or linen) style. White haversacks are NOT accepted.
    Approved Vendors
    ***Contact Company Quartermaster Clerk before purchasing***
    1. F Company Quartermaster Clerk - The Company purchases items from Phil and makes them available to the membership.
    2.Phil Cavanaugh- Federal or Confederate. The Company purchases items from Phil at a regular interval and makes them available for sale through the inventory.
  8. Headgear
    The cap (Kepi) is required, while the slouch hat is optional. No forage caps are to be worn. Slouch hats can be of various colors and styles. The caps must match uniform coat and trousers. No colored trim allowed, except commissioned officers.
    Approved Vendors
    Kepi - Need new list of vendors
    Slouch Hats
    1.TP&H Trading Co.
    2.Clearwater Hats
    3.Dirty Billy– He has some really nice hats and some that are not appropriate for C.W. usage. Some are made of fur felt while others are of wool. Purchase at an event.Take a veteran with you for guidance.
  9. Blankets
    A Federal issue or Confederate type - either one is fine for your impression. Often times, a decent blanket can be found at a sutler’s table. If you are not sure if something is right, please ask the Chairman of the Uniform Committee. Civilian coverlets are good CS blankets; however, the Chairman of the Uniform Committee approves them on a case-by-case basis.
    Approved Vendors
    ***Contact Company Quartermaster Clerk before purchasing***
    1. F Company Quartermaster Clerk - English Blankets are usually available at an extremely reasonable price. (Note: This is a heavy winter blanket.)
  10. Oilcloth/Gum Blankets/Ponchos
    Unfortunately, the source for good Federal issue gum blankets is gone. Sutlers still sell them; however, the quality is generally poor. When searching for one, look for small grommets holes (3/8" in diameter.) If you cannot find one, an oilcloth will work for Confederate usage. (You may order from C & D Jarnagin only if it meets the grommet criteria above.)
    Approved Vendors
    1.Company Quartermaster/Clerk
    2.C & D Jarnagin & Company Rubber poncho/ and ground cloth.
  11. Tinware/Utensils
    Generally speaking, the only items you will need are a boiler cup, plate or small skillet and utensils. The company already owns large skillets, mess pots, and coffee pots.
    Approved Vendors
    ***Contact Company Quartermaster Clerk before purchasing***
    1. F Company Quartermaster Clerk - Check with the Company Clerk on availability of purchased cups and plates.
    2. B & B Tinworks - B & B's items are available through John Zaharias at most of the larger events but can be ordered by mail. Large size cup and large boiler with bradded construction are preferred.
    3.Wendy Osman
    4.C & D Jarnagin & Company (before you order contact your sponser!)
  12. Overcoats, Vests
    These items are all considered optional. An overcoat may be something you would like to have for cold weather. A vest will add warmth during the cold months; however, it can be worn year round. We prefer military pattern vests, but civilian patterns are acceptable.
    A vest can be made of uniform cloth or jean cloth to match jean trousers (same choice for overcoat.) Overcoats can be either a Confederate type (blue/gray uniform cloth) or a Federal enlisted foot pattern.
    Approved Vendor
    1.Charlie Childs- Charlie sells kits for these garments.
  13. Knapsacks
    A knapsack is not a mandatory part of your impression; however, it is an item that we encourage you to pick up sometime. Contrary to popular belief, the knapsack was not always thrown away. Many times these useful items were left behind because it was necessary for the men to move as rapidly as possible, and the commanders thought the knapsack may impede the movement of the troops. There are accounts of the men dropping their knapsacks before a forced march or battle.
    There were many styles of knapsacks used during the war. Very early in the war, the frame or box knapsack was used frequently. Later, however, the soft or bag style of knapsack became more common. We recommend one of these "bag" knapsacks if you plan to own only one. Using a Federal issue double bag knapsack is perfectly acceptable and can be used for both impressions. Another style is the old Mexican War pattern that the Confederacy copied. It is a single bag knapsack with a large flap that can be folded when the bag is packed.
    Approved Vendor
    1. Missouri Boot and Shoe-Federal Double Bag
  14. Personal Items
    Eyeglasses (frames) and Key Wind Watches - Betty Loba
    Housewife (sewing kit) - Several different sutlers at each event.
    Pocket Knife - Antique shops, flea markets, several different sutlers
    Toothbrush, Mirror, Wooden Comb - Several different sutlers at each event.
    Razor - Most antique shops will have a few. Look for reproductions made in England or Germany ; Asian manufacturers are usually poor quality.

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