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March Newsletter

Regional Dispatch

Vol. XVI. April, 2017 Issue III.

Captain's Column

March is history and so now we are in the month of April. There are a couple of events coming up this month, but before I touch on them I want to thank everyone who helped with the Fort Work Day on Saturday, 4 March. In all we had ten people there and we got our work done in less than three hours. It was mostly sprucing up the interior of the Fort, cleaning up debris, and filling in the big hole near where the Captain’s tent is usually set up.

Thanks to Jack Alexander for cleaning up the “out house” and for also updating the flag pole mechanism to help make it easier to raise and lower the flag. Thanks to everyone who brought tools and equipment and especially those who had to travel longer distances than the “locals”. Thanks to everyone for their time and effort.

Looking at April, we do have two events coming up. We find ourselves in the unusual position of having an actual program before our annual Camp of Instruction. This is the living history event at Appomattox National Park. Because it comes before the COI only veterans will be able to participate. Our numbers are small so we will be falling in with the host unit as we did last year, but this is Appomattox which I consider holy ground for reenactors.

The second and main event for the month is our Camp of Instruction. It is set for 21-23 April at the Fort in Amelia. Hopefully having it this late will increase our chances of better weather. This is the most important event of the year especially for the new recruits as well as the veterans. We have a timed schedule for the entire weekend. I strongly encourage and urge everyone to be there. The schedule will be contained in this newsletter and I am sure the 1st Sergeant will have a lot more to say about all this.

In membership news, new member/recruit, Steven Adams, has a major event of his own this month. He is going to tie the knot. We wish him and his finance many years of wedded bliss. Congratulations to both of them.

That about does it for me. I will turn it over to the 1st Sergeant and I will see EVERYONE at the Camp of Instruction!

With kindest regards
Tony Turley
Captain, 21st VA

1st Sergeant’s Column

The month of April kicks off the F Co campaign season w/participation at Appomattox CH (7-9 Apr 17) w/the National Park Service, and F Co’s own Camp of Instruction (21-23 Apr 17) at Fort Harvie in Amelia County Virginia.

Fort Work Day (Sat, 4 Mar 2017)- The Fort Clean-Up Day got the Fort more than ready for the upcoming COI plus the weather cooperated as well. We had an excellent turnout including Alexander, Jack; Clements, the Hanson brothers; Firth, Turley, Vice and Scott Wilson w/his son Eli- the two of them proving to be a good working team. Attempts to burn racked leaves turned out to be a fool hardy task, however, Greg Hanson w/his leaf blower proved equal to the task making the interior of the Fort into an excellent cleared bivouac area. Additional tasks were filling back-in previously excavated area for powder magazine, installation of new lanyard on flagpole, movement of old bridge planking inside Fort for future burning, cleaning of outhouse, clearing new budding trees on walls of Fort and other needed clean-up. The weather was in the 40’s, but sunny w/no rain, so it was an enjoyable work day for all the participants. Work kicked off at 0900 as planned and was completed by 1200 due to all the good working help on hand for clean-up w/needed tools. All in all a good effort at the Fort on behalf of the company membership and historic preservation.

Appomattox Court House (7-9 Apr 2017)- A small contingent of F Co will be attending this event which is held on the National Park Service site which includes the McLean House, the site of the surrender. All F Co members will all be participating as enlisted soldiers as we won’t have enough personnel to function as our own separate company. As noted by Captain Turley we’ll be falling in w/host CS unit. Please note that this is an NPS event so the following rules are applicable to all participants:

A weapons inspection will be conducted at the beginning of each day’s program for cleanliness and serviceability of weapons by NPS Black Powder inspection team. So, you will need musket cleaning materials.

All cartridge boxes and cap pouches will be empty for these inspections. Each F Co participant should bring 60 rounds of blank ammunition and a minimum of 90 percussion caps so as to allow necessary clearing of all muskets. There should be a short tactical demonstration each day w/additional firings at surrender ceremonies.

All F Co participants need to bring blank rounds and percussion caps in a plastic or paper bag w/your name on them as this bag will be stored in ammunition box. Participants will draw ammunition just prior to each firing program. F Co will provide needed ammunition box for storage.

We’ll bivouac on site w/water, firewood and latrine facilities available from NPS. Participants will provide their own rations and/or plan on taking evening meals in town. Your welcome to come at the last minute as there is no registration fee for this event.

This is a spring time event so weather could bring rain showers, so make sure you have ponchos and/or use of shelter halves for bivouacking purposes, however, temperatures should be moderate, but bring two blankets just in case.

Camp of Instruction (21-23 Apr 2017)- The real campaign season for F Co begins w/the Camp of Instruction at Fort Harvie the third weekend of April. The new recruits are required to be there and veterans shouldn’t miss it as it remains the best method of insuring you’ve got all the needed refresher training to begin the 2017 campaign season. Please note the key information points:

Rations- Each participant will pay $15.00 for period cooked rations which include two hot breakfast meals and one hot supper meal prepared by Co Cook Mark Riemer. Bring either correct cash or cheque to pay for rations, no credit. You will provide your own noon meal each day from your haversack.

Participation- Recruits regardless of how much or how little you’ve got for a uniform, equipment or weaponary MUST participate! Let your platoon corporals know about your lack of needed equipment, etc., what you need for the COI. The Co. will attempt to supply all your needs to the best of our ability, but if you need to train in 21st century clothing and boots then plan on doing so as the training is REQUIRED!!! Many uniform items along w/additional accoutrements and muskets can be supplied by the Co. in order for you to satisfactorily complete this training. Recruits w/o tentage should plan on bivouacking in the company commander’s tent for the COI.

Training Schedule- The COI Training Schedule will be sent to each of you shortly. It requires your full participation for both days. It is recommended that you set-up on Fri afternoon in the daylight, and plan on either eating at the Fort or going into town for a Friday evening meal. All participants may utilize sleeping bags and sleeping pads if needed, but they must be covered by period blankets and hidden during the duty day.

For GPS purposes the address for the Fort is 12901 Coverly Road, Amelia Court House, VA 23002.

From I-95 South
I-95 South
Take I-295 exit, Exit 84B, toward Charlottesville
Take US-1 S exit on the left toward Richmond
Merge onto I-295 N via exit on the left toward I-64 W/Charlottesville
Merge onto I-64 W via exit 53A toward Charlottesville
Merge onto VA-288 S via exit 175 toward Chesterfield
Merge onto US-60 toward Powhatan
Turn left onto Dorset Rd.
Dorset Road becomes Schroder Rd.
Schroder Road becomes Genito Rd.
Genito R. becomes VA 604 Chula Rd. Continue to follow Chula Rd.
Turn left onto Coverly Rd.
As you cross railroad tracks look for F Co directional signs

From I-95 North
I-95 North
Merge onto VA-288 via exit 62 toward Chesterfield/Powhite Pkwy.
Merge onto US-360 W toward Amelia CH
Turn right onto Chula Rd.
Turn right onto Coverly Rd.

Michael L. Vice
1st SGT, F Co,
21st VA Infantry

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