F Company Bylaws

Article I - Name and Purpose

Section 1 The name of this organization shall be F Company, 21st Regiment of Infantry, Virginia Volunteers.

Section 2The purpose of this organization shall be to present the life and times of the typical Virginia citizens and soldiers of the historical period covered by the years 1858-1865 inclusive, in as accurate and realistic a manner as the availability of items, financial considerations, and contemporary research will allow; to promote and to stimulate further interest in all aspects and phases of Confederate Army life; and to further the serious discussion and study of the American Civil War.

Section 3 The nature of the services of this organization shall be volunteer. Members will not be reimbursed for organizational participation.

Article II - Officers and Primary Duties

Section 1The military rank of F Company, 21st Virginia, shall consist of: Captain, Lieutenant, 1st Sergeant, 2nd Sergeant, 1st Corporal, 2nd Corporal, 3rd Corporal, Company Clerk.

Section 2The organization shall have an Executive Committee for the purpose of administering the general business of the company. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the following elected officers: Captain/President, Lieutenant/Vice-President, 1st Sergeant/Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee Member-at-large. All other personnel listed in Article II, Section 1 shall be appointed to their position by the Executive Committee based on length of service; quality of living history experience, knowledge of duties to be performed, and willingness to serve.

Section 3Captain/President: The highest ranking military officer of the organization shall concurrently hold the post of President. He shall be elected for the term of one year or until a successor has been elected. He shall be eligible to serve consecutive elected terms. It shall be his duty to preside at all military functions and all parliamentary functions, and meetings of the organization and the Executive Committee. He will give direction and purpose to the organization's activities through input from the general membership. He shall have the power to appoint the chairman of the committees and to dissolve the same. He will command the unit on the field, and coordinate programs with event organizers once at the program site. He will be responsible for the general welfare, and discipline of the organization both on and off the field.

Section 4Lieutenant/Vice-President: The second highest ranking officer of the organization shall concurrently hold the parliamentary post of the Vice-President. He shall be elected for the term of one year or until a successor has been elected. He shall be eligible to serve consecutive elected terms. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President will perform the duties of the President, including commanding the unit in the field, and all special duties assigned him by the President. He shall support the President by maintaining order at all functions of the organization. He will coordinate the administrative matters of the company in close consultation with the First Sergeant/Secretary and Company Clerk.

Section 51st Sergeant/Secretary: The third highest ranking military officer of the organization shall concurrently hold the parliamentary post of Secretary. He shall be elected for the term of one year or until a successor has been elected. He shall be eligible to serve consecutive elected terms. He shall keep complete and correct minutes of the parliamentary functions, and meetings as directed by the President (or Vice President if the President is absent), and the Executive Committee functions and meetings. He shall maintain external correspondence and communications with the general living history community, and coordinate the publication and distribution of the company newsletter to the general membership. He will direct and oversee all non-commissioned officers of the company and superintendent the functions of the Company Clerk, and be responsible for the general welfare, and discipline of the company in the field.

Section 6Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be elected for the term of one year or until a successor has been elected. He shall be eligible to serve consecutive elected terms. He shall keep a record of all company related financial transactions, receipts, and disbursements; collect company dues, donations and assessments; make payments of all company expenses; and give quarterly written fiscal reports to the organization of the status of the company finances. He will be responsible for the preparation and filing of any and all necessary state and federally related tax returns necessary for maintenance of the organizations 501 (c)3 tax exempt status. He will act as a financial planner and advisor to the Executive Committee.

Section 7Committee Member-at-Large: The Committee Member-at-Large shall be elected for a term of one year or until a successor has been elected. He shall be eligible to serve consecutive elected terms. He will be in contact with the membership for the express purpose of constantly monitoring their general attitudes and feelings about the welfare of the organization. He shall provide a voice to the Executive Committee from the general membership, for concerns and considerations that need to be addressed by the Executive Committee. Regular attendance at company events is deemed important in filling this position.

Article III - Executive Committee Duties

Section 1The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers as specified in Article II and the immediate past President.

Section 2The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President, or upon a call of the majority of the committee or general membership. A majority of its members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. It shall arrange all meetings of the organization and approve all expenses and disbursements for $1000.00 or less. It shall determine that all new recruit applicants conform to Article VII prior to approval of admittance of application to full organization membership. It shall establish all policies and procedures in conformance with Article VIII, Section 2. It shall perform all other acts necessary for the preservation, prestige and well being of the organization.

Article IV - Nominations, Elections and Voting

Section 1Elections shall be held at the annual company business meeting each year and the new officers shall take office immediately following that meeting. The election will be conducted as soon as practical at the beginning of the calendar year.

Section 2Nominations for all officers shall be taken from the floor.

Section 3Members present at an announced regular meeting of the general membership shall constitute a quorum and a majority of the membership present and voting will govern.

Article V - Special Committee

Section 1Committees appointed by the President shall function until cessation of his term office or until relieved by him. The President will appoint the Committee Chairman. Committee Chairman is responsible for the composition and functioning of their committees. Committee members may be appointed from among the general membership and the Executive Committee.

Article VI - Fiscal Year

Section 1The fiscal year shall begin on the first day of January and end on the last day of December.

Article VII - Membership and Dues

Section 1Membership shall be open to all persons with a serious interest in the American Civil War without regard to sex, creed, color, or national origin; who are willing to participate as determined by the Executive Committee, within strict historical context as 19th century soldiers and civilians of the years 1858-1865. Membership in this organization shall be limited to all persons whose dues are for the current fiscal year or as specified in Article VII, Section 2.

Section 2The membership shall be comprised of the following classes.

a) Active Members:All persons whose dues are paid for the current fiscal years.

b) Honorary MembersThe title of honorary member is this organization may conferred upon such persons rendering services in behalf of the organization upon their approval by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. Honorary membership shall pay no dues, but shall otherwise enjoy the full benefits and privileges of membership, except holding elective office.

c) Associate Members:Associate membership in the organization may be conferred upon such persons who have formerly been active members who, because of circumstances beyond their control can no longer maintain active membership, or those deemed as an asset in support of the organizations mission by the Executive Committee to insure proper compliance with the intent of these by-laws.

Section 3Annual dues shall be set by a majority vote of the active members present and voting at the annual company business meeting. Annual dues shall be paid to the Treasurer by March 15 of the new fiscal year.

Section 4A member may be expelled from membership for the following reasons as determined by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

a)Non-payment of dues by March 16 of the fiscal year.

b)Conduct detrimental to the prestige and general welfare of the organization as brought to the attention of the Executive Committee and/or the general membership.

Section 5A member may bring a grievance to the attention of the Executive Committee, whether against another member or against the policies and procedures in practice, at any meeting of the general membership. At such a time the issue of the grievance shall be fairly defined by the Executive Committee and duly considered by the same. A considered judgement, or compromise designed to bring a resolution of the grievance shall be delivered by the Executive Committee to the holder of the grievance with the general membership present if practicable, within a reasonable time. A judgement or compromise thus reached and delivered shall be considered final by the parties involved.

Article VIII - Policies and Procedures

Section 1Robert's Rules of Orders shall govern all meetings either of the organization or the Executive Committee, although it is the intention that meetings be as informal as proper decorum permits.

Section 2The Executive Committee shall establish and provide for the executive of all policies and procedures; these policies and procedures shall not be in contradiction of the letter or spirit of the bylaws as specified and documented in Sections I and X and amendments.

Article IX - Donations

Section 1Donations in the form of monies, services or items that are of service or use to the general membership shall be accepted upon approval of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will not accept any type of donation, which any way violates or creates potential conflict of interest concerning the tax exempt status of this organization.

Section 2No contribution or donation received by this organization shall be for the direct benefit of any individual member.

Section 3Executive Committee members in the performance of their normal duties will not be reimbursed for any incidental expenses such as postage, telephone or travel expenses.

Article X - Amendments

Section 1The Bylaws may be amended or substituted for its entirety by a two-thirds majority vote of all voting members present at any meeting, provided that written notice of the proposed changes have been furnished to the membership at least two weeks in advance of the meeting at which the changes are to be acted upon.

F Company, 21st Virginia Regiment of Infantry Volunteers
Position Descriptions

All military protocol at events shall be followed according to Gilhams Manual for Volunteers and Militia. Roberts Rules of Order govern all meetings. The following positions are considered the Executive committee; Captain/President, First Lieutenant/Vice President, First Sergeant/Secretary, Treasurer, Member At Large. All other positions are appointments.

First Lieutenant/Vice President
First Sergeant/Secretary
Member At Large
Second Sergeant
Company Clerk

This is a volunteer organization, we are attempting to recreate the quasi military atmosphere of a civil war era company. These means there will be times when you will need to subordinate your ego and play the strict military role and there will be times when you can bust loose, play pranks and just have fun the way our ancestors did in an attempt to make the war bearable. It also means in order to operate in the 20th century you will be asked to do your part in making F Company the "best in the field".

Young Persons Participation Policy

Purpose –It is the expressed wish of this organization to encourage and to recruit young men of good character. While a large number of young people less than 18 years of age express an interest in Civil War Living History, it must be realized that many offer but a mixed degree of commitment to the endeavor. In order to attempt to encourage those with a serious interest, and at the same time safeguard the historical impression and the legal liability of F Company, 21st VA Infantry, the following policy will apply to all members, prospective members, sponsors and parents of young recruits.

Requirements for Participation - Age Criteria
Mandatory Training Policy

Purpose -The mandatory attendance to the F Co. 21st VA Camp of Instruction is to insure not only that the recruit has the necessary soldier skills, but has been fully familiarized with all the firearms safety procedures of the company. This familiarization is meant to protect the personal safety of the recruit and other members of the company, and prevent any potential liability to the company.

Requirement –All recruits joining F Co., 21st VA must attend the Annual Camp of Instruction prior to participation in the field with the company. The purpose of this policy is to insure not only the recruit has the necessary soldier skills, but has been fully familiarized with all the firearms safety procedures of the company.

Exception to Policy –A temporary waver not to exceed a nine-month period can be granted with the approval of the Executive Committee, F Co., 21st VA. The only circumstances where such a temporary wavier will be granted will be when a recruit joins after the annual company sanctioned Camp of Instruction has been conducted, and that recruit is uniformed and equipped to take the field with the company prior to the next Camp of Instruction.

Follow-on-Training -The recruit will attend the next available Camp of Instruction even if previously receiving a certification for exception to policy. Under no circumstances will a second exception to policy be granted.

Consumables Impression Policy

Purpose:F Company's impression is only as good as its members and how they conduct themselves. One obvious point that all can improve is the intrusion of modern day consumables (food, drink, and cigarettes). Over the years we have been improving our impression as a company. This minor change will grant us all a great benefit toward our impression.

Requirements:All members will adhere to this policy during hours designated by a program or event. The Uniform Committee will provide examples or sources for items required for compliance for the different categories.

Exceptions:Modern medication will continue to be placed in its original container, however it should be in a poke sack or out of public view as much as possible. The Executive Committee will gauge other exceptions on a case by case basis.

Fund Raising & Solicitation Policy

F Company as a 501(c) 3 is able to raise and solicit funds for specific purposes and goals the company is trying to fulfill.

  1. All money raised for those specific purposes must be used for said purposes.
  2. All requests for Fund Raising or Solicitation must be submitted to the Executive Committee in writing. This proposal must detail what the money is going to be raised for, how it will be raised, the timeframe that will be used and how it relates directly to the 21st Virginia, F Company, Inc.
  3. All proposals will be considered and a written response will be returned within 30 days of the matter being either approved or disapproved at a Quarterly Executive Committee meeting.
  4. The use of 21st Virginia, F Company letterhead, company name, or 21st Virginia symbols that are used by the company without prior written permission is strictly prohibited. Failure to follow this policy may result in expulsion of the offending member.
Recruiting Policy
  1. A potential recruit is defined as any person over 16 years of age that could be a new member of F Company. Only potential recruits should sign the register book at events and they will be contacted by the recruiting staff and or other members. Any member that is contacted by a recruit under the age of 16 should refer to the juvenile policy of F Company and contact the recruiting officer immediately.
  2. The recruiting officer should be contacted immediately after any member makes contact with a potential recruit. All leads and recruiting registration sheets should be forwarded to the recruiting officer immediately. After all information is compiled, the recruiting officer will assess the potential recruit and distribute responsibility/procedures of contacting the potential recruit.
  3. A member of the recruiting staff and or designated member will contact in person and or by phone all potential recruits. The recruiting officer should be updated to any new information on potential recruits. The recruiting officer will authorize the mailing of membership application and new member kit. The recruiting officer will contact the Executive Committee, with any information about a recruit receiving a new member kit.
Registration and Repayment Policy

Purpose:To streamline the registration process and not waste company funds on registration fees that are requested but not used for members of 21st Virginia F Company.

  1. All members will complete the event signup sheet for the upcoming years events and turn said sheet in prior to the Camp of Instruction. This allows for the company to get an idea of who will be attending what event. This also enables the company to get the best registration price for attending the event by registering early. This also cuts down on the administrative work that must take place for the registration process, one form and one check can be sent in at one time.
  2. All members will complete and submit their 2nd half of the year signup sheet. This ensures that they are still attending what they have already signed up for can or add to the number of events they want to attend. This may be due to changes in their schedule or new events being added to the company schedule.
  3. Should a member be registered for an event, then does not attend, that member will pay the registration fee back to the company for that event. Contact the company Treasurer for the amount of the fee. This should be done within sixty days of the missed event for that member to continue in good status with the company. The Treasurer will coordinate the pay back of fees.
  4. Should a member not attend an event they were registered for and the company had prepared to cook at that event. The member that missed will also pay the company back for their share of the food that was purchased for that event. Contact the company Treasurer for the amount of the fee. This should be done within sixty days of the missed event for that member to continue in good status with the company. The Treasurer will coordinate the pay back of fees.

Exception to Policy -In the case where the member knows that they will not make the event and notifies his Corporal that he will not be able to attend at least ten (10) days prior to the event. It is their Corporal’s job to notify the persons coordinating the food for that weekend so that the portions can be decreased. The member will not have to pay the cost of the food, however, the member will still pay the company back for the registration fee for that event.

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