Militia Impression

(Photo Courtesy of Robert Baird)

F Company, 1st Virginia
(Optional Militia Impression)
Uniform and Equipage Items

This is an optional impression for members of, F Company, 21st Virginia Regiment of Virginia Infantry. F Company was a prewar militia group raised in Richmond, before the War Between the States for state defense, as it provided in the constitution of the United States of America. The original by-laws of the company were adopted June, 30, 1859. Portions of the by-laws are included in this document. The following items are used to portray F Company, 1st Regiment of Virginia Volunteers.
Items should be ordered in the sequence they are shown here.


I. Frock Coat and Trousers

The standard F Company Militia Frock coat is one of cadet gray uniform cloth in the early war frock coat pattern. The trousers are slightly different from the wartime ones. There are two pairs of trousers that are required. One is White cotton and the other matches the Frock coat with cadet gray. White cotton is worn from April 1 to September 30, gray is worn the rest of the year.
Buttons: use only brass, Virginia state seal, you will need 17 large and 6 small.

II. Accouterments
Cartridge Boxes, Cap Boxes, Waist Belt, Bayonet Sling, Cartridge Box Sling, Plates, & Bayonet Scabbards

Members may use the Cartridge box and cap pouch they have purchased for the 21st Virginia impression. See the source list for these items above. For the waist belt, bayonet sling, cartridge box sling, we are using white cotton webbing. The belt plate square and breast plate oval are solid cast brass. The web and plates will be coordinated by the uniform committee to get a discount so contact them with your order. We are currently seeking a good source for a Bayonet Scabbard without the frog. You can, most likely, pick it up at an event. Fur covered pack is optional.
1. National Webbing Products Co. - Is our source for the White Web. You will need 5 yards.
2. Richmondville Tinware, Jim Richmond - Is our source for the belt plate square and breast plate oval.

III. Headgear
The Shako is required, while the kepi is secondary. The shako is the formal headgear that will get the most use with this impression. The kepi is needed also and is not optional. It is made out of the same cadet gray wool as the frock coat.
Shako - Greg Nannos: will produce them for us to our specifications. The delivery time for this may be up to a year. The uniform committee will coordinate the making of these, due to the discount that you would get for a large order. F Company has Pompoms, $15.00 each in inventory, see the Quartermaster Clerk for their availability. You will need a brass F to put on your shako, that can be purchased at an event.
Kepi- Greg Starbuck: will produce your kepi from the Company's blue/gray uniform cloth you supply, from remnants of your uniform being made. You will need a brass F to put on your kepi also, that can be purchased at an event.

IV. Canteens
French Filter canteens are what are used in this impression. They are tin and have one opening to pour the water in and one to pour the water out. They are uncovered and have a white cotton sling. This will be coordinated by the uniform committee to get the discount.

1. Richmondville Tinware, Jim Richmond - The larger the order the better the price on each canteen.

White Shirts
There are three acceptable types of shirts. Pleated across the front, pleated at the collar, and plain front. The regular 21st Virginia shirt will work until you can get around to getting a white one. See shirts in the 21st Virginia items above. Sources
1.Richmond Depot
Prices are subject to change without notification.
The vendor list will be provided to Members in good standing.

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