Fort Harvie
F Company 21st Virginia, Inc.

On March 29th, 2008, the flag, pictured above, was raised over a Confederate earthen fort for the first time in 143 years. Men under arms and wearing the gray uniforms of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia occupied that fort for the next few days. These were the men of F Company, 21st Virginia Infantry who have been given the unique opportunity to restore and preserve an actual piece of history. This process began in February of that year and is ongoing to this day but the need for funds to pay for equipment, material and expertise is essential to maintain the high degree of quality thus far established.

The Cause

What:A Confederate earthen fort that is privately owned that has been left untouched, for nearly 150 years.

Where:Amelia County, Virginia part of the Petersburg-Richmond defenses whose primary purpose was to guard a railroad bridge from Federal Calvary raids.

Why:The owner has requested F Company, not the park service or the state to address the issue of restoration and preservation. The owner does not want the intrusion and possible invasion of his privacy but neither does the owner want to see the fort vanish. F Company was entrusted with this task because it is a federally recognized 501 (c) 3 organization and can accept tax-deductible donations while the men of F Company have previously demonstrated the will, the love and the dedication it will take to complete this task.

How:The men of F Company have volunteered their time, money and dedication to restoring and preserving this fort before it completely disappears and the men who fought and died there are forgotten forever.

Who:The men of F Company realize that they cannot complete this task alone and are asking YOU to partner with us in this noble endeavor.

History:The fighting at the fort occurred in May of 1864 when August Kautz, the Army of the James Cavalry Commander led a raid in the area and ran into the 17th and 30th Virginia who had been sent to occupy the fort and defend the bridge. The fort was not occupied fully at the time by troops but only when they were needed because the 17th and 30th are also listed as being at, Cold Harbor June 1-3, so it seems these troops were not at the fort for very long after the battle on May 14th or 15th. Kautz had the 3rd NY and the 11th PA with him and the Yanks lost about 25 men attacking the fort. The link that was found about the raid as a whole is
Son of the south
*Submitted by Travis Clements.

Camp Pate:From the beginning, this project was led by Nathaniel Pate of F Company. In recognition of his hard work/dedication the members of F Company designated the training area as "Camp Pate".

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Your tax-deductible donations of any amount will be gladly accepted. Make checks payable to F Company, 21st Virginia, Inc. and mail to:

F Company
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