Where is the Company Camping?
(this ran in the 1999 July Regimental Dispatch by Capt. Jones.)

Finding the F Company camp site. This is not a new issue; it has just resurfaced again. At one time all you had to do was go to the farthest most reaches of the event campgrounds and you would find us there, though that was still not a guarantee. In the recent past things have started to change, and campaigners have been getting a slightly better shake. While this is an improvement, it still does not change the issue of people not being able to find the camp.

Some helpful hints when looking for the company campsite.

  1. Look for trees on the Confederate side. A shaded wood line is always a great place to camp.
  2. Stay away from tents. Unless it is a special program or the Camp of Instruction, we will not have tents. Other groups may have tents up around us or near some woods, just go around them asking for the 21st and then check the woods.
  3. If you do not find the camp within one hour of looking, you need to make your way to the center of Sutlers’ Row (or the end closest to the camps) and sit there. Eventually one of the men will come walking through trying to find some needed treasure.
  4. If you are looking for the camp in the dark, you might as well stop looking unless you know exactly where it is. That is a good way to get hurt, stumbling around in the dark over hill and dale.
  5. Look for groups that have the same color uniform you are wearing. There are not that many that are equipped exactly like we are and have the uniform look of soldiers that we have.
  6. If you are new to the group, you may want to specify somewhere to meet one of the veterans, like at the registration tent, at a certain time. It is always easier to find the camp when you have someone that knows a lot of people that may know where we are camped.

This may not solve the problem of finding the camp, however it may help you find it that much quicker. If there are any other suggestions on how to help this problem please take it through your platoon leader or the Member at Large. This kind of interaction is their job in the company structure.

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